How to enter: tips

Here is some helpful information for those who are considering entering themselves or their company / brand for an award this year.

How to enter:

  • Anyone can enter the awards, you don’t have to be an APEA Member.
  • Click here to be taken through to our customised awards entry web portal.
  • Creating an entry is very simple using our online too – start now, save it, continue at a later date, if you need more time.
  • Then see below for some quick tips on how to submit a winning entry!

Successful entry tips:

  • Firstly, make sure the information you present in your entry is clear and concise, and that it is obvious exactly who / what you are entering for the awards.
  • Don’t assume that the judges will already know anything about your nominated person / product or service, so include all relevant information to get your story across.
  • We will soon be posting a fully detailed ‘judging procedure’ so you can see exactly how the judges will score each category on the entry form pages. Make sure you read and understand the scoring process and ensure your entry measures up to those criteria – watch this space.
  • Include evidence of achievement and testimonials where appropriate – judges will always score measurable results over baseless promotional material.
  • Spelling, grammar and presentation are important – if the judges cannot understand your message, then judging you entry will be difficult.
  • Ask someone outside of your team to proof read the entry before submission, to ensure it is easy to understand by outsiders.
  • Finally: make sure to submit your entry on time! The deadline will be published soon.

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